Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Back Away From The Product

We are very aware that although we haven't had any content on this blog so far, we somehow managed to attract three blog followers. That gives us a lot of confidence in two things: one, people are genuinely interested in the Affluenza project, and two, people like to follow. Well, here is someone good for you to follow:

Reverend Billy and the Stop Shopping Gospel Choir believe that Consumerism is overwhelming our lives. They urge us to back away from the product, back away from the shopping trolley. They are on a mission to “put the odd back into God” but also have some tangible objectives:

“The supermodels fly away and we're left with our original sensuality. So we are singing and preaching for local economies and real – not mediated through products – experience. We like independent shops where you know the person behind the counter or at least –you like them enough to share a story.”

The Church of Stop Shopping is project of The Immediate Life, a New York based arts organization using theater, humor, and grassroots organizing to advance individuals and communities towards a more equitable future.

Here’s one of the performances of the Stop Shopping Gospel Choir, titled “Back away from the Wallmart”. And a personal favourite:

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